HVM Stoppers

This product holds a CPNI Vehicle Attack Standard (VADS) rating

HVM Stoppers
HVM Stoppers

About HVM Stoppers

The ARX Stopper is a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Product, designed to slow and halt vehicles from progressing into safe zones or secure areas whether high security installations or pedestrian areas.

As a two part product they are easily transported and erected in a very short period of time and can be connected together by means of chains or poles to offer maximum protection.

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CPNI Website Link – ARX Stopper Small

CPNI Website Link – ARX Stopper Large

Components and build

The product is split into 2 separate elements which are assembled by simply lifting one part of the body and slotting it into the other.

Each ARX Stopper has arms with crowns situated at the end; if a vehicle comes into contact with the crown of the product, it is designed to tip and penetrate the body or underside of the vehicle to slow it down and eventually halt it.

A securing bar locks the two elements of the product together by simply sliding straight through the middle of each.

Anchor bars are situated within the arms of the product, to which a steel rope can be secured by a D-Shakle. This adds extra security and rigidity to the overall build.

Stopper Diagram