Container Gate

Container Gate
Container Gate

About ARX Container Gate

The ARX Container Gate is an extremely versatile short-term solution that is often used to prevent visitors from entering hazardous or restricted areas within the site location. In the event of an accident or another incident whereby the regular entrance gate is put out of service, a mobile gate can be set-up as a temporary solution.

The gate can be set up and functioning in 1 hour so costs of staff and personnel are limited. The unique feature of the Container Gate is its ‘plug and play’ functionality, which means that it can be installed on site in no time at all.

If you are in a situation where materials, people and access must be kept in a safe and secure environment, our Container Gate does the job. The gate extends out from inside a metal container. The container can be equipped with electronic entry, access code, moveable fencing and turnstile.

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Dimensions and Weights

DIMENSIONS20f x 8ft x 9ft (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.7m)40f x 8ft x 9ft (6.1m x 2.4m x 2.7m)
GATE SIZE13ft3" x 6ft3" (4.05m x 1.9m)26ft6" x 6ft3" (4.05m x 1.9m)
WEIGHT2,950kg (6,503lb)4,204kg (9,268lb)
VOLTAGE110v, 5amp, 60hz110v, 5amp, 60hz
DEPLOYMENT TIME60 minutes60 minutes
RECOVERY TIME40 minutes40 minutes

Inside the container

inside the containers

Set-Up and Manoeuvrability


The container can be transported on the back of a truck and offloading using a haib crane.

Container Gate


The gate is deployed and measured to the required length to a secure pylon at the end destination.

Container Gate


The secure pylon for the gate is then locked into place, allowing the gate to open and close.

Container Gate

Features and Specifications

  • Fully motorised aluminium gate
  • Easy and fast to install – set-up is less than 1 hour
  • Use as either a permanent or temporary installation
  • 2 container sizes available Opening widths of up to 8 metres
  • Plug and play
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Speed up to 0.28m per second