Air and Sea Ports

Air and Sea Ports face a unique set of challenges when it comes to protecting their assets, customers and general public from undue risk.

An inflated age of terror threat has increased requirements for the most robust and cutting-edge demarcation and access control solutions on the market.

Global crises are also triggering people to enter countries by unsafe methods. With Ports and Airports regularly forming international borders, governments and businesses require demarcation that have no weak points and are suitable for a heavier usage than ever.

Strong Perimeter security is paramount in protecting staff and passengers and preventing airplanes from being hijacked. Many airports and ports have little more than a chain-link style fence which are often used for lower risk sites such as schools or sports courts. This kind of solution is simply not secure enough and a higher security system is required, which is where ARX Security products can help.

Our products are completely scalable to suit different requirements.